Business Sale and Purchase

The sale or purchase of a business entails a number of steps including : due diligence, contract drafting, contract review, negotiation, exchange and settlement.Of these, due diligence, ie the process of gathering information about the business on offer, is particularly crucial as it allows you to understand the full extent of assets (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, real property interests, licences and contracts with suppliers) and liabilities (including past and current disputes, ongoing liabilities, etc) involved. Rivers Lawyers will provide you with the expert assistance you need to smooth sail through your business transaction.

Business Set-up and Structuring

From deciding which structure is the most appropriate structure for your business, to going through all the steps of registration, our expert Business team will accompany you through the whole journey of setting up your business in Australia. We can help you understand the different structures your business can take and the implications of each, regarding asset protection or tax planning. We assist in setting out the terms and conditions of your business, so that your interests may be protected and likelihood of disputes minimised. Finally, we can help you navigate through the complexities of Australia business tax law.

Further considerations are required for particular types of businesses : E-commerce, Franchising

Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Contracts

The Rivers Lawyers Business team provides expert legal assistance in the drafting, review
and negotiations process pertaining to all types of contracts that may arise in the course of
your business. These include : sale of business agreements, confidentiality agreements, joint
venture and partnership agreements, loan agreements, among others. We can help you
draft and modify contracts so that they are clear, allocate risk to your best interest, and
anticipate common sources of disputes to minimise potential litigation. ​
Furthermore, if you have been wronged by a breach of contract, Rivers Lawyers are able to
provide legal intervention to enforce what you are contractually entitled to. In addition, we
have a dedicated dispute resolution team that can step in to resolve any disputes regarding
the contracts you have signed in to.

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