Our Team

At Rivers Lawyers, we are committed to making law easy for you. This is why our team is composed of legal experts who are unafraid to embrace change and innovation, in order to bring the best solutions to all your legal problems.

Kevin Kang

Director & Principal Lawyer

Kevin is the founder and director of Rivers Lawyers, an ingenious play on his last name that this reflects his general approach to the legal market in Australia: clever, innovative and cross-cultural. Kevin is a strong believer of the power of technology to disrupt the legal service market, for the better. As such, he brings a fresh breath of air to the traditional legal market with Rivers Lawyers being one of the first NewLaw firms to introduce automation and electronic processing to its legal service system (including the ever-so-hot cryptocurrency).

In the immigration industry, Kevin is known for making the impossible possible by leveraging out clients’ positions in the most advantageous way possible. As such, Rivers Lawyers is currently providing expert legal services to clients in all states and territories of Australia and in the world. 

Kevin is no stranger to taking the road not taken – not only has he volunteered as an infantry soldier and legal officer in the Korean Defense Forces for two years, he was one of the few Australian attorneys working under a major Korean law firm (Jipyong LLC) in corporate and cross-border transactions in Korea and Myanmar. Most notably, Kevin has been manning major cross-border transactions involving the Hanthawaddy International Airport construction, joint venture agreements, investment agreements, construction of hotels, major Korean automobile importation hubs, etc.


Kevin’s vision for Rivers Lawyers extends beyond simply providing great legal services. Rivers Lawyers has transitioned to a Paperless Office, started accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment and has been donating part of its proceeds to different causes around the world, including OneTreePlanted. Kevin aspires to expand and open up this platform for the Rivers Community so as to create a pathway to give back to our society and to make a better world for the next generation.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (double major in Accounting and Finance) from the University of Melbourne.

Angela Kim


Angela holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Japanese from Monash
University. Angela is passionate about community education and improving access to
justice. As such she has been volunteering for disadvantaged communities for many
Angela was searching for a company that aligned with her values and dream of making a more transparent and efficient when she landed at Rivers Lawyers. She is currently practising in family, property and immigration law.

Prior to joining us, Angela has been building up her experience in top family law firms in Melbourne, specialising in family law, wills & estates and criminal law.

Further, Angela’s experience of working in community legal service centres has fostered an ability to communicate and relate to clients to find a solution to their legal problems.


Angela is an avid traveller, never missing an opportunity to discover a new place. On top of this, she is our inhouse go-to for restaurant recommendations as she is a top-level explorer of Melbournian nooks and corners.

Gabby is passionate about listening intently and focusing on providing exceptional service to clients with property as she has currently been completing her conveyancing course.


Prior to commencing her role in Rivers Lawyers she worked as a graphic designer in various industries, created artworks for a fashion company, met people in a number of different industries during her trip to South Korea and has operated her own small business in Melbourne. Gabby also has a Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology from RMIT University. The experiences help her understand clients’ needs and provide commercial minded & cost-effective advice and legal assistance.


In her spare time, Gabby enjoys spending time with her family, reading books and climbing.

Gabby Oh


Justin Joonhyuk Chang


Justin is an aspiring lawyer currently undertaking his final year at the Melbourne Law
School. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the same
university, which has founded his interest and skills in commercial law. Justin has further built up his business acumen working as a vacation clerk in some of Australia and Korea’s top commercial law firms, with a focus on Banking, Finance, Tax and M&A law. Justin’s commercial drive is reflected in his various activities over the years.


He founded the University of Melbourne Commerce Chronicle with some friends, to share his insights on domestic and international commercial news on a Facebook page with over 400 student readers. Simultaneously, he has been deeply involved in the Melbourne Journal of International Law, where he is the Sponsorship Manager as well as an Assistant Editor. This has helped foster a legal and academic perspective on matters of private international law while maintaining a cool-headed pragmatic approach to keeping this student-led journal afloat.

Finally, when it comes to what Justin does in his spare time, the question actually
becomes what does Justin NOT do? He is a skilled all-rounded sportsman, having
trained to be a professional ice-skater, having played and participated in tennis
tournaments since he was ten, and now immersed in the art of Muay Thai! In addition,
Justin has been leading a soccer team at the University of Melbourne as its President
and Manager for several years. Justin also possesses an artistic side, as he is a
currently a talented freelance photographer who enjoys travelling near and far in search of moments to eternalise in beautiful photos.

Betty Choi

Paralegal & Content Specialist

Betty joined Rivers Lawyers in 2018, as a Paralegal and Content Specialist. Her main roles consist of supporting our lawyers through legal research and process development, as well as planning and developing content for our webpage.


As a management consultant in past life, Betty finds every problem an exciting new challenge to overcome. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve existing processes and find effective and innovative solutions. Betty describes herself as a wanderer, having lived, studied and worked in five continents before settling down in Melbourne. She brings with her an array of experience in international development, management consulting, and start-up project management, as well as her impressive collection of languages, including Spanish, French and Portuguese. It is of no surprise that she is also a NAATI-certified Professional Translator, specialising in legal documents and academic articles.


Betty is currently completing her JD at Melbourne Law School, where she is part of the Global Law Student Association a General Member of the Melbourne Journal of International Law editorial board. As the latter, she has been working on the upcoming AGLC 4, reflecting her interest and dexterity in all things legal research. Furthermore, as part of the new generation of incoming lawyers,


Betty is an eager follower of new legal trends, keeping up- to-date with technological disruptions in the legal field. Curious as a cat, when she’s not conjuring up plans for an exciting new project, you can find Betty chasing after greens and blues in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Hayeon Kim

Digital Contents Manager

Hayeon is our talented Digital Contents Manager with the ability to make all our ideas,
however farfetched, a reality. She is our key portal to our clients, as she in charge of making our information understandable and attractive on our numerous platforms. Her role reflects her philosophy – Hayeon believes that design is not just a tool to make something look beautiful, but rather, powerful way of engaging with people and empathising with them.


Hayeon has a degree in Digital Media Design from the best art university in Korea and
experience working with top retail firms as a graphic designer and video editor. Most
recently, she has also been taking up web programming, in order to share her ideas to the wider audience around the world. Hayeon’s creativity is fuelled by her curiosity, as she is always out exploring and observing everything and everyone around her, eager to catch the new and the fresh. Perhaps it is this that allows her to understand people so well and reflect this in her work.


Out of the office, Hayeon likes to wander around the city without a particular destination as she enjoys discovering unexpected joys in quaint little stores, cafes and alleys.